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Is this the best wedding car ever? Batmobile takes groom to wedding

A groom who loved superheroes thought he was stranded after his car broke down on the way to his wedding.

So Will Curnow, 28, was stunned when the real Batmobile came to his rescue.

He didn't realise it was a prank by his family, who had also arranged for Batman to save the day.

The iconic vehicle, used by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman blockbuste,r pulled up - and took him to the church. loop the related articles and see that at least one is live (value = 1). if it is, show everything below

He then married Becca Skinner, 25, while the Batmobile remained parked outside for the duration of the ceremony in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Read the full story on the Cornish Guardian website

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