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84 Cars, 3 Jets, And 1 Yacht: The Shocking Difference Between Bugatti And Bentley Owners

Although Bentleys and Bugattis both coddle their occupants in otherworldly luxury, the differences between the people who buy the cars are shocking.

“The clientele between Bentley and Bugatti is remarkably different,” Bentley CEO and Bugatti president Wolfgang Duerheimer told Bloomberg. “The Bentley customer on average owns 8 cars. The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.”

One would think the clientele for two of the three hyper-exotic brands in the Volkswagen-Audi Group portfolio — the other being Lamborghini — would be of a similar ilk. However, these figures show that the people who fork over $400,000 for a Bentley are significantly different from those to pony up $1.85 million for one of the world's remaining Bugatti Veyrons (the car is being phased out).

Although the gulf between a mere eight cars ... and 84 cars, three jets, and a yacht is quite a bit of money, this disparity isn't necessarily a direct reflection on the difference in wealth between the two ownership groups.

Rather, it says something about why people buy these cars.

Bentley is one of world's most sought after and aspirational brands. However, its cars can serve as daily drivers for the world's elite. In other words, as over-the-top luxurious and powerful as they are, Bentleys have a "utilitarian" aspect.

Bugattis, on the other hand, serve no such purpose. Even in its conception in the VW Group's board rooms a decade ago, the Veyron was a product of the ego of the company's then-CEO, Dr. Ferdinand Piech. The car has no mission beyond hitting 250 mph in serene luxury. Not a useful mission — nor a legal one in 99.9% percent of the world.

Thus, the Bugatti Veyron is a purchase made purely out of a need to stroke one's ego. Just as with the three jets and the yacht.

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